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VAT in Norway

Posted by Aase Herkules on November 12, 2014 at 4:10 PM

We are happy to inform that Enter Norway Business Consulting has become partner with Arborealis - VAT representative in Norway.

Information from Arborealis: You would like to do business in Norway, or maybe you already have business in Norway. Like in all European countries, VAT is chargeable on most of your sales and purchases in Norway. Moreover, like all Norwegian companies when you do business in Norway (even if you are not permanently based in Norway) you have to comply with the Norwegian legislation for VAT. A VAT representative needs to be appointed. This is how it works.


Norwegian VAT rules are different from other EU countries. The most distinct difference is the fact that the reverse charge does not exist at such in Norway. Do you have time yourself to find out how the VAT system work in Norway? Alternatively, do you rather outsource this to an experienced professional? This will give you more time to focus on your commercial activities. Whatever you chose, the legislation in Norway states specifically that foreign businesses that establish business activity in Norway without having a permanent place of business or place of residence in Norway shall be registered through a VAT representative, see the Value Added Tax Act section 2-1 (6) and section 11-1 (3). VAT representation is often referred to as a VAT agent or a fiscal representative. When registered through a VAT representative, the foreign national has the same rights and obligations as follow from normal registration in the VAT Register. This implies when registered in VAT register one can also deduct the VAT paid (pending on certain rules). The representative must have a place of residence or a place of business in Norway.


By choosing Arborealis as your VAT representative, you select a partner with international experience, and who is aware of different legislation in Europe, a partner that will support you in growing your business. How do we work? It is fully possible that you make the VAT calculations yourself, and then we only do the filing part of the VAT returns (as legally required). You are then yourself fully responsible for complying with the VAT legislation. We can also do your VAT administration, based upon the data you return to us. We will then make sure that you comply with the VAT legislation. In addition, we can register your company in the VAT register, advise you about the Norwegian VAT rules, and some other fiscal legislation. Do you need a VAT-representative, please visit our partner Arborealis at 

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