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Register company in Norway

If you want to do business on the Norwegian market, there are various rules to comply with. Before starting business operations the company must register itself with public authorities. The company must also register the contract and the employees and periodically file reports related to income tax, VAT, etc. There are also important rules related to employees’ benefits such as minimum wages, maximum working hours and overtime pay. Enter Norway can help you register your company and your employees in Norway, and guide you through all the required documentation and registration, in order to be competitive and to avoid pitfalls and punitive sanctions. Inscripción de empleados en Noruega. Inscripción de empresa en Noruega

If you are going to register your company in Norway, there are two main alternatives: 

Private limited company with Norwegian branch (NUF) 

When registering a NUF in Norway, the public fee is 2832 NOK. 

There are no audit requirements for a NUF.

Norwegian limited company (aksjeselskap – AS) 

When registering a Ltd (AS) in Norway, the public fee is 6797 NOK. When registering a Ltd (AS), a bank account with 

30 000 NOK in share capital has to be opened in the name of the company.